My Story


From a young age, I've always felt a sense of being different, struggling to understand what might be amiss within me.

As the child of a lineage marked by alcoholism, having witnessed the harsh realities of this affliction early on, I never could have imagined succumbing to an addiction that would span over two decades. My connection with alcohol began innocently, sipping wines from the fridge during my youth, which gradually transformed into a consistent habit.

As I matured, this habit escalated into a full-blown addiction, with me drinking daily for more than 20 years. My well-being, relationships, and both personal and professional life endured severe consequences. The financial toll of my addiction was immense, not just in terms of what I spent on acquiring alcohol but also due to missed opportunities that slipped through my fingers. My health bore the brunt of this destructive journey, culminating in a stroke that took an extensive toll, requiring over a year of rehabilitation and hospitalization.

I was placed in an induced coma, and my family was warned that I might not survive. My deep-seated fascination with personal development and the pursuit of a better life had always been present. I used various training approaches to uncover the part of me that longed to break free from my two-decade-long entanglement with alcohol.

Through rigorous study in the realms of human development, life coaching, personal training, hypnosis, and NLP, I armed myself with tools that I struggled to apply effectively while grappling with my own addiction. My battle with understanding myself raged throughout my addiction, taking a toll in countless ways and causing significant losses. After achieving sobriety, a strong desire grew within me to walk alongside others on their own journey to recovery. My vision was clear: to provide down-to-earth, relatable support for ordinary people facing the challenges of addiction.

This vision gave birth to "KICK THE PISS," a platform designed to meet the ever-growing demand for meaningful assistance for those grappling with addiction.